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Writing has been a big part of my my life for a long time.

Greek Mythology and Science Fiction stimulated my imagination at a young age and influenced me to write short stories. Psychology and Philosophy captured my attention in High School and College while teaching me to think beyond the limitations and trappings of my own mind while transposing ideas onto a piece of paper or digital word document.

The act of finding and understanding one’s place in the universe is a concept that’s intrigued me for as long as I can remember.

My expectation for this new series is more than just keeping you up-to-date regarding the songs I’m writing, shows I’m playing, new music I plan on releasing, and all that Jazz.

This new series entitled “Letters From Rachel” is an entry point to the inner workings of the person behind the music. It will serve as a deeper look into what makes me tick as not only an artist but as a human being. After all, life’s about living it to the fullest by way of making the most out of our own experiences, right? I look forward to sharing mine with you.

Welcome to what is certain to be an exercise in connecting on a more intimate level through written correspondence. Think of me as a pen pal. I look forward to keeping in touch.

– Rachel Levitin


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